Delta 8 Diamond Sauce: What is it?

Delta 8 Diamond Sauce: What is it?

THC products in general have gained an enormous amount of traction within the past couple of years, and with good reason. One of the most sought after, and treasured THC subgroups of products, are diamonds and sauce. Diamonds and sauce offer the consumer a superior experience in terms of potency, as well as this, they are known for their “diamond” look, which , as the name would imply, is obviously desirable to many. Delta 8 has been wanting something like this on the market for a while



The Delta 8 concentrate form has become much more accessible to the average consumer, due to its price point, as well as its legality. Delta 8 THC sauces have existed, however consumers have been looking for the same diamond experience, in a Delta 8 form. Unfortunately, there were not many options on the market, until now.


 Ghost Vapors is proud to introduce its brand new Delta 8 Diamond Sauce Wax. Testing at 94% Delta 8 THC, these are sure to satisfy even the most avid Delta 8 consumers. Our high terpene blend provides the user with incredible taste, and an unbeatable uplifting feel. The effects of Delta 8 can certainly be felt with this product.


Strain and Terpene Information: Forbidden Fruit, and Special Sauce


Our terp sauce comes in two strains at the moment, Forbidden Fruit, and Special Sauce. 


Forbidden Fruit is a strain of legendary status. It is the cross between Cherry Pie and Tangie, two strains with an enormous following in their own right. It provides the user with a musky, sweet cherry undertone to its taste, as well as this, it has notes of pine, mango, and passionfruit. Known for its taste, it also provides the user with a deep relaxation, making this a perfect night time strain, and one for a chill night in. 


Special Sauce is a strain not widely available, especially in this form, but what makes it so special? What makes it special is the fact that it is a strain that is exclusive to industrial hemp. It is known for its astringent berry smells and aroma, providing another terpene sauce that is sure to leave the user satisfied.

Diamonds and Sauce

Terpenes have become an increasingly growing field of study within the hemp field, and the dominant terpene in both of these strains is Myrcene. Myrcene is a terpene that is typically found in the Cannabis plant, but it is also found across different types of foods, drinks, and ingredients, like mangoes, bay leaves, and hops.


While terpenes have been a growing part of the hemp industry, we are still trying to find out why the terpenes fully have the effects that they do.


Many consumers are under the impression that terpenes represent nothing but flavor, and I believe that this is due to the illicit cartridges that were circulating across the country in 2018, and 2019. Terpenes have been shown to have different effects on different people, and for different reasons.


NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Myrcene: What is it?

Myrcene has been shown to have powerful antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and sedative effects on the user. This makes both of the strains available by Ghost Vapors perfect before bed strains. It has also been shown to help those suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, as well as functioning as a muscle relaxer in its own right.





Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Ghost Vapors is not claiming to have medical advice, just simply stating information as it is readily available.


Where Can I Purchase Delta 8 Diamond Sauce?


Now you might be wondering, where can I get a product like this, one that is so new, and nearly exclusive to Ghost Vapors. Well, we have our always improving website ,, where we are still shipping to all states or territories where Delta 8 Diamond Sauce is not explicitly prohibited.


We here at Ghost Vapors are always looking to improve, grow, and ultimately provide a better experience to our customers. We hope with our Delta 8 Diamond Sauce, our users can find enjoyment, as well as a deep relaxation from all of life’s worries.

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