Indica VS Sativa Vs Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid

Indica VS Sativa VS Hybrid: The Real Differences


Indica VS Sativa Vs Hybrid is a relatively new idea within cannabis, cannabis strains have certainly come a long way from “brown versus green”. Now-a-days, within the cannabis industry, in particular, the medical cannabis industry, it is possible to tailor your high to your preferences. This article will ideally clear up any confusion regarding Indica VS Sativa VS Hybrid


Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Indica are the two types of cannabis that are primarily available, having different terpene profiles across the two types. The cannabis plant is incredibly complex to begin with, so human intervention to make it even more so, is really quite interesting. We took a drug that was for quite some time unpredictable and were able to classify it into subtypes, pretty interesting.


Indica Overview


The classic “in da couch” analogy can be used for the Indica subspecies of marijuana, as it will certainly leave the consumer relaxed. Indicas are known classically as nighttime strains, and are best consumed when winding down at the end of the day to either stimulate sleep, or a relaxing night ahead, regardless.


In terms of THC content, Indicas tend to be lower than that of their sativa counterparts, however, this is not all bad. What many fail to realize about the cannabis plant is how it can really help with peoples side effects and issues, but many simply opt for highest THC content, creating a strong tolerance at the same time. 


Terpenes, as well as the strains’ flavonoid profile play an incredibly large factor in one’s enjoyment of any particular strain. 


A pure Indica strain will typically have relaxing benefits, with an emphasis on a body high, due to many Indica strains having decently high CBD content. CBD is an anti-inflammatory, as well as an anxiety reducer. This, paired with THC, works wonders. The munchies are also SERIOUS with Indica strains.


Looking for something to help with relaxation? Ghost Vapors has you covered with a number of Indica products at our disposal. 


What I recommend checking out first in the world of Indicas on our end, is most definitely the Wax Dabs. Available in Raspberry Kush, and Purple Punch, these terpene profiles are on full display in a 94% Delta 8 Wax. These will definitely leave the user feeling relaxed, I tend to fall asleep myself!


Sativa Overview


Sativa are unique in their own way, and for anyone that does smoke reading this, this song by Swae Lee and Jhené Aiko, is named after sativa strains. If anything, it’s definitely a cool song to smoke to. 


Back to the topic at hand, Sativas are the polar opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to cannabis consumption. Rather than purely relaxed, sativa users report feeling clear headed, and energetic, as opposed to sleepy and relaxed.




 Cannabis Sativa is native to Central America, while Indica is from the Middle East. It is interesting to examine throughout history how much these cultures’ relationship to cannabis would be different if they had the opposite one.


Sativas, at least in my experience, make me feel as if I have an electric motor. I get to feel like the Energizer bunny while under the influence of a sativa strain. This is not to say that there are no downsides to using Sativa strains.


Sativa’s tend to be extremely high in THC content, the active compound in cannabis that makes users “high”. This can be manageable for some, but I have had experiences of people close to me feeling “too clear headed” that rather than relax them, the cannabis made them amped up.


For some however, they love this high, and trust that Ghost Vapors has you Sativa lovers covered for sure. 


For our sativa fans, I would definitely recommend our Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge, in particular the Pineapple Express strain. As one of our most potent products, a Sativa lover will definitely enjoy this pure, potent product. They are available in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Strains.


Hybrid Overview


Now we finally get to the “plug in hybrid” of cannabis smoking, Hybrid strains. The idea of Indica vs Sativa Vs Hybrid ends here with these. Hybrid strains are perfect for what I spoke of earlier, and tailoring your high. Blue Dream, easily one of the most recognizable and famous strains within cannabis, is one of these hybrid strains. As a sativa dominant hybrid strain, it is able to offer much of the mental high of Sativas, while satisfying the body high as well. 


Hybrids are my personal favorite as a cannabis connoisseur as they are for those who have trouble making decisions. Can’t decide between an Indica and sativa? Hybrid strains are incredibly popular, and with good reason. It creates a high that is beyond Indica and sativa, it becomes strain specific, as opposed to subtype.


Interested in a hybrid? Well if so, you’re in luck. Ghost Vapors is proud to introduce our newest product, Cookies Delta 8 THC Flower. This hybrid strain is Indica dominant (60% Indica, 40% Sativa) meaning that it can satisfy anyone’s inner smoker, and all of the needs they might have.


At Ghost Vapors, we believe that enjoying what you smoke, and more importantly, product knowledge is also incredibly important within this industry. The differences between Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid strains are very important to know. We hope that we offer enough products along the subtypes to satisfy all of your needs, and are looking to expand our collection in the near future.

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