What is CBN? The sleep cannabinoid?

What is cannabinol?

What is CBN?

Since the early 2010’s, CBD products have been dominating the hemp plants industry as an answer to pain relief, as well as being an effective sleep aid. Recently, the latest cannabinoid to throw its metaphorical hat into the ring, is Cannabinol, or CBN. Cannabidiol or CBD and CBN are similar in that they offer mild psychoactive effects, but are not considered psychoactive cannabinoids.


CBN products are similar in that they may offer similar effects to CBD in terms of their anti-inflammatory benefits, CBN is different in that it acts on the CB1 receptor, the same receptor that THC activates on. One study showed this in that rats that were given pure CBN had increased appetite(in human form, munchies) whereas those that were given pure CBD showed a decrease in appetite.


what is cannabinol


Authors Note: This article as well as all on ghostvapors.com, are for informational purposes only, and are in no way offering medical advice.

Derived from the cannabis plant? What is Cannabinol?


Yes! CBN is found in the early stages of the cannabis plant’s flowering process, and is produced when another compound, THC-A oxidizes. CBN offers higher levels of relief for those with ailments such as insomnia. This could partially be due to the fact that it is derived from the chemical synthesis of the cannabis compound THC-A. CBN is also a compound that can help contribute to the entourage effect, a positive effect that hemp and cannabis users enjoy achieving.



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The effects of CBN are actually quite unique to the cannabinoid itself, as the sleep benefits seen with CBN are profound. Some companies have even begun selling hemp gummies that are infused with the potent sleep chemical melatonin, in order to create a blissful sleeping experience. 


What the science says about Cannabinol


Research has shown CBN as an antibiotic, believe it or not. A 2008 study showed that both CBN and CBD can have benefits outside of antibiotics. MRSA is a unique bacterial infection in that it is difficult to treat with antibiotics. It is a sophisticated enough infection in that it can be fully resistant to antibiotics over a period of time. 


CBN also acts on the same receptors capsaicin does. Capsaicin is the active compound in chili peppers, and it contributes to the “spice” factor of said peppers. Capsaicin has also seen tremendous play within the natural pharmaceutical business as a topical pain reliever, as well as appetite suppressant. 


What is CBN?


While Cannabinol will not reduce appetite, it certainly does serve as a pain reliever. It’s quite interesting how it acts on the same receptors as spicy peppers, however.


CBN, along with other minor cannabinoids has also shown promise in numerous studies as a natural cancer fighter. It has been shown to mitigate the spread of cancer cells, and proved to be extremely effective in a unique form of lung cancer. Interesting how a cancer that can be acquired from smoking, can also be helped by a plant that users have typically ingested by smoking.


While CBD is approved by the FDA to treat certain forms of seizure disorders, CBN has seen no such action on the FDA’s front. This is a shame considering that CBN has also been shown in conjunction with CBD to help mitigate seizure disorders, or rather their severity.


Another benefit of CBN is actually similar to that of milk. Yes, you read that correctly. Calcium found in milk, helps to maintain and keep strong bones within our bodies. CBN actually has the propensity to act upon stem cells, almost stimulating bone growth automatically.

 It has also shown to be helpful in the healing of fractured bones, and some researchers and doctors and in concurrence with one another that CBN could be used as a potential treatment for osteoporosis in the future.  

In Closing…

Here at Ghost Vapors, we are incredibly interested in all of the cannabinoids hemp has to offer, as well as their benefits. We hope to expand into cannabinoids such as CBN in the future, and will continue to offer our same high quality products to our customers.


Stay tuned.

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