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Indica VS Sativa Vs Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid

Indica VS Sativa VS Hybrid: The Real Differences   Indica VS Sativa Vs Hybrid is a relatively new idea within cannabis, cannabis strains have certainly come a long way from “brown versus green”. Now-a-days, within the cannabis industry, in particular, the medical cannabis industry, it is possible to tailor your high to your preferences. This […]

Cannabis Derived Terpenes: What are they?

Terpenes are one of the most important aspects of the cannabis experience, as they help create the flavor profile of each and every cannabis strain. Cannabis derived terpenes have been getting a lot of press within the Delta 8 industry, as terpenes derived from cannabis tend to have a greater number of effects than botanical terpenes.

The Entourage Effect

Entourage Effect

What is the Entourage Effect? The Entourage Effect is a perfectly normal, and even desirable effect. Many cannabis and hemp enthusiasts look to achieve with cannabis products, to enjoy their fullest therapeutic benefits. The Entourage Effect is defined as a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds other than THC, work together to modulate the overall […]

Why are Third Party Lab Reports Important?

Third party lab reports are becoming increasingly important within the Delta 8, and hemp industry in order to ensure product efficacy, and potency. Ensuring that products are tested is an important part of being an educated consumer, as well as maintaining safety while consuming federally legal hemp products.


Lab reports provide the cannabis industry, and hemp industry with results on their potency, as well as providing a rich cannabinoid profile in many cases. Delta 8 THC products within the industry have been the subject of great controversy and scrutiny.

THC-O: A Psychedelic Cannabinoid?

THC- O What Is it

THC-O Acetate is one of the quickest growing cannabinoids within the legal hemp market, particularly within 2021. These acetate versions of cannabinoids that are hemp derived have been shown to be an even more potent THC product than Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC. Potent, however, does not always translate to better, and may not always give the user a desired effect.

What is Delta 10 THC? A Growing Cannabinoid

Delta-10 THC is a cannabinoid that is growing immensely within the hemp market, and with good reason. Delta 10 THC has its own chemical structure, different from that of Delta-8 THC, making the effects of Delta 10 unique in their own way. While Delta 10 has a psychoactive effect, Delta-8 and Delta-10 are considered the “Indica”, and “Sativa” of hemp extract products.

Is Delta 8 Legal in Kentucky? A Fiasco

Is Delta 8 Legal In Kentucky?

The state of Kentucky is in a reality that I don’t think anyone pushing for cannabis legalization wishes their state to be in. This is a state without a medical program, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture seems hell bent on keeping the legal hemp industry as down as they can. So, is Delta 8 legal in Kentucky?

Will Delta-8 THC Get You High?: An Overview

Will Delta-8 THC Get You High

Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It is an isomer of Delta-9 THC the compound that typically gets the user of cannabis “high”. However, due to a difference in their double carbon bond, Delta-8 products are able to offer the user a “high”. One that is distinctly different from its Delta 9 counterpart.

Is Delta 8 Legal in Louisiana?: A Closer Look

Is Delta 8 legal in Louisiana

Delta-8 THC is “the new kid on the block” in terms of cannabis and CBD products. As such, there is plenty of pushback on the legislative level in order to help regulate this new and growing industry. The 2018 Farm Bill seemingly opened the door for other isomers of THC, but states are quickly moving to put a cap on a market that is seemingly boiling over.

What Is CBG Hemp Flower? The Mother of all Cannabinoids

CBG, is a type of cannabinoid obtained from the cannabis plant. It’s often referred to as the mother of all cannabinoids. This is because other cannabinoids are derived from cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), an acidic form of CBG. Anything and everything cannabis related can easily be traced back to CBG.  Matterhorn CBG Hemp Flower is now available at Ghost Vapors.

Delta 8 Diamond Sauce: What is it?

THC products in general have gained an enormous amount of traction within the past couple of years, and with good reason.

One of the most sought after, and treasured THC subgroups of products, are diamonds and sauce. Diamonds and sauce offer the consumer a superior experience in terms of potency, as well as this, they are known for their “diamond” look, which , as the name would imply, is obviously desirable to many. Delta 8 has been wanting something like this on the market for a while