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3 Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flowers

Hemp Field

3 Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flowers In a world where prescription medications and heavy-duty supplements overwhelm us with their complicated ingredients and questionable side effects, natural alternatives like CBD flowers are more attractive than ever. With all the new hype around CBD, the question is, what are the health benefits of CBD Hemp Flowers? […]

US Postal Service delays ban on mailing vapes

USPS Pact Act Delayed

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is delaying the Pact Act ban that was supposed to take effect in the US on Monday 4/26. The ban was aimed towards all companies selling vapes and those selling hemp-derived products. With the ban not going into effect on Monday, some US companies that sell vape-related products have resumed business and have placed their products back onto the online stores. According to Hemp Industry Daily, USPS isn’t yet ready to implement the final rule. The USPS said people should be prepared at any time for implementation upon publication of the new regulations. The postal service is reminding businesses to be ready for new prohibitions on mailing their products.

The Benefits of Delta 8 THC

Benefits of Delta-8 THC

Delta 8 THC High  For those of you that used Marijuana, you understand the high you get from it. Delta 8 THC provides similar benefits with less potent reactions. Delta 8 allows consumers to enjoy a high without being Baked. It is a huge plus as a consumer to get a product that won’t be […]

Everything you Need to Know About the Pact Act!

Everything you Need to know about the Pact Act

Preventing all online sales of e-cigarettes to children including but not limited to vapes/e-cigarettes, any type of e-hookah or e-cigar, any type of advanced refillable personal vaporizers’, an electric pipe, and any e-liquid or accessory sold separately from the vape.