Ghost Vapors Premium Concentrate Collection.

What is a Delta 8 Concentrate?
A Delta 8 Concentrate can best be described as the purest and most potent form of Delta 8 THC. Concentrates have become wildly popular amongst cannabis consumers, although many questions still seem unanswered. When referring to a concentrate (Delta-8, CBD, THC etc.) you are talking about a whole category of products within the cannabinoid. Each concentrate may differ in potency and terpene profile depending on the product. Here at Ghost Vapors we carry multiple forms of Delta 8 Concentrates, Including syringes, wax, shatter, carts, and distillate! Read more about each product and how they can be used in each product description!
How do you use Delta 8 Concentrates?
As we already know a Delta 8 Concentrate could be referring to many different products, and forms. Each Product will have its own unique use that will offer a different experience for the user. For example a product like our Delta 8 Cart is intended to be vaped, while a syringe is more for making homemade edibles. Treat all products labeled delta 8 thc with the utmost respect as it may cause impairment.
What are the different types of Concentrates?
Currently at Ghost Vapors. We carry Wax, Shatter, and Premium Amber Oil.
What is the Most Potent form of Ghost Vapors Concentrates?
Simply, Shatter or our Distillates. 94%-96% Delta 8 THC