What is a Delta 8 Concentrate?

A Delta 8 Concentrate can best be described as the purest and most potent form of Delta 8 THC. Concentrates have become wildly popular amongst cannabis consumers, although many questions still seem unanswered. When referring to a concentrate (Delta-8, CBD, THC etc.) you are talking about a whole category of products within the cannabinoid. Each concentrate may differ in potency and terpene profile depending on the product. Here at Ghost Vapors we carry multiple forms of Delta 8 Concentrates, Including syringes, wax, shatter, carts, and distillate! Read more about each product and how they can be used in each product description! 

How do you use Delta 8 Concentrates?

As we already know a Delta 8 Concentrate could be referring to many different products, and forms. Each Product will have its own unique use that will offer a different experience for the user. For example a product like our Delta 8 Cart is intended to be vaped, while a syringe is more for making homemade edibles. Treat all products labeled delta 8 thc with the utmost respect as it may cause impairment. 

What is the Most Potent form of Concentrates?

Simply, Shatter. 94% Delta 8 THC

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