2023 Lab Analysis Page

What are Lab Reports?
Lab Reports demonstrate the Total amount of Cannabinoids in a particular product. Most lab analysis measure the major cannabinoids, including the active forms of THC and CBD.
How is potency measured?
Potency is therefore calculated from the concentration of both molecules, according to the following equation: % Total THC = % THC + (% THCA x 0.877).
Why is third party testing so important?
Third-party testing is when a manufacturing/processing company sends its product to an outside, unbiased lab for testing to see if it meets the standards of the company, and to ensure that what is on the label is actually inside the product.

Delta 8 Edibles

Cereal Krispy Treats

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Delta 8 Cookie Dough

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Delta 8 Freeze Pop Main

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Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 8 THC Gummies

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Grape Gummies

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Delta 8 Flower

Runts THC Flower

Ghost Runtz Flower - 16%

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Ghost Lemon AK Flower - 16%

Bubba Kush

Ghost Bubba Kush Flower - 16%

Paradise OG

Ghost Paradise OG Flower - 16%

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Runts Kief Closeup

Ghost Infused Kief - 80MG

Delta 8 Concentrates

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