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When should you take a T-Break from Delta 8 THC?

Taking a T-Break from THC

Delta-8 THC has many benefits for health and wellness, but sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from Delta-8 THC. Whether you’re trying to save money, your body needs a break from Delta-8 THC, or you’re just ready to go back to your routine. While many people use cannabis daily without any adverse side effects, […]

Everything you need to know about Delta 8 Syringes

Delta 8 Syringes: What you need to know.

What’s a Syringe? A syringe is a tube that holds and delivers liquids or medications. A plunger with a syringe forces the liquid out of syringes when you press down on the plunger. Some Syringes can be plastic or glass, depending on the type of liquid being used. Delta 8 Syringes The Delta-8-THC syringe is […]

How Safe is Delta 8 THC?

Is Delta 8 THC Safe?

Delta-8-THC is a minor cannabinoid produced in small amounts in the cannabis plant, accounting for only about 0.1% of the plant’s makeup. Delta-8-THC is derived from CBD or hemp, which has a higher concentration of delta-8. Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8 THC) is a compound similar to delta-9 THC. It is the chemical in marijuana that makes […]

How does Delta-8 work in your Body?

How Does Delta 8 Work in your Body?

Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive substance found in cannabis, marijuana, and hemp plants. It is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant. Delta-8 THC is a cannabis compound similar to delta-9 THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid that produces the high associated with marijuana, but delta-8 gives users a milder […]

Can You Use Delta-8 for Sleep?

Delta-8 has been found to have antiemetic properties, which may help treat nausea and vomiting. It has also been found to be an appetite stimulant, so those with appetite issues may benefit from taking delta-8. Many people have reported that delta-8 causes them to feel more relaxed and euphoric, making them feel more motivated to […]

How to keep your Delta-8 THC Edibles Fresh?

Keeping your Delta 8 Edibles Fresh

Delta-8 edibles are relatively new in the world of cannabis products. The rise in popularity of delta-8 based products is since they do induce some small psychoactive effects while still producing a mellow and calming “high”. People who want to calm down after a hectic day at work or want to relax turn to delta-8 […]

How to Properly Store Delta 8 THC?

Properly Storing THC

Delta-8 THC is hemp-derived cannabidiol, like CBD. However, unlike CBD, delta-8 THC has an intoxicating effect. Delta 8 THC is becoming increasingly popular because of its reported benefits, such as its anxiolytic and antiemetic effects. It maintains many of its parent molecule’s benefits and psychoactive effects but with less intensity and paranoia. Delta-8 THC is […]

Does THC Make You Gain Weight?

Most people would assume that marijuana users gain weight faster than non-users because of their stereotypical desire to eat junk food. Over three years, those who used marijuana gained less weight on average than those who did not use cannabis products, according to a recent study. The researchers had predicted that the “munchies impact” would […]

Why Does THC Make Your Eyes Red?

Do you know anyone who gets red eyes that come and go after consuming or smoking marijuana? Have you ever wondered why this happens? Do edibles cause your eyes to turn red, or does it only occur when you smoke marijuana and become irritated by the smoke? Tetrahydrocannabinol, the major psychoactive component in marijuana, causes […]