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Best Delta 8 THC Distillate Syringe - Fire Strains
Anonymous (California, United States)
It’s alright

Was expecting more oil to appear in the cart but it’s alright I’m gonna sell to my coworker for 20$ and order more hope the prices stay down.


Excelente product

Best Bulk Afternoon Delight THCa Crumble - 96%
Brittany DuBois (Ohio, United States)
Too expensive!

I feel like it should be way cheaper due to the fact that regular thc crumble is $100 a oz in legal states…. Just seems like a complete rip off to me.

Blackberry Kush

Is very nice ! Great flavor, as well as effects ! I'm new to diy,but got a couple supplies to start, and its working out great ! Thanks

Best Terped Delta 8 THC Ghost Wax Dabs - 50+ NEW Strains!
john hopper (Illinois, United States)

Very smooth and tasty, may try other terps soon, will buy again!!!

Best Infused Delta 8 THC Drink Mix Enhancer - 500MG
Maria Diaz (Florida, United States)
Great Product

Love that this can be mixed as a drink. Flavor is great, but I mix it in zero sugar lemonade. Just half a serving gives me a light buzz and calm feeling. Beats an alcoholic drink anytime.

Best Delta 8 Death Star Wax Dab - 1g Indica 86%
Christine Ray (Tennessee, United States)
Love it

Best I’ve found with a price that was within my budget.


everyone loves the indica d8 wax!

Best Bulk Honey Gold Delta 8 THC Shatter - 87%
Robert Weigel (Iowa, United States)
Great product

Its great stuff

Best Bulk MACHoe OG THCa Crumble - 96%
Customer (Kentucky, United States)
MacHoe OG Review

Only smoked a little because I'm not wanting to raise the tolerance. I'm not sure if it's because I didn't smoke a lot but I think it could use stronger tasting terpenes. It seemed to do what I bought it for though.

Best Bulk THC-O Acetate Distillate | 91%
Tony bologna (Wisconsin, United States)
Thc-o acetate

Taste a little weird, but the high is very strong takes a couple of minutes to come on, if you take big hits you can almost feel the high hit you, lasts a longer time too, some terps would fix the taste. Overall very strong but a bit pricey compared to regular d8 distalitte and it taste a little odd. good product!

Best Infused Delta 8 THC Brownie – 500MG
Eileen Crowe (New Jersey, United States)
Delta8 brownies

Wow!!! These brownies really are terrific. I’ll be ordering them again soon.

Terped d8 distillate

I order 25 grams of pineapple cake it taste so good and huts so hard you would not believe it I would recremend buying there diy stuff too it's high quality for the price

Bulk 1G Empty Vape Cartridges - Easy to Fill
Ethan (Indiana, United States)
1gram cartridge

I bought 3 carts I have refilled them all over 6 times and they hit better than my friend's new cart so yeah these are great

Best Bulk Cannabis Derived Delta 8 THC Distillate | 6 Dank Strains

Best THCp Edible Maple Bacon Cereal Treat - 20MG
Kimi Khaos (Florida, United States)
Oh wow!

So, full disclosure, I bought this for one of my adult kids (26yo) who only dabbles occasionally in such things. She "made the mistake" of eating it all in one go and said the effects were amazing. She went to bed after enjoying the buzz for an hour or two, slept like a rock and woke up, still on cloud nine. So, like any loving parent, I just ordered several more. I'll prob be back to give my personal findings once I try one for myself, but as of now, five stars! Also, can't beat these prices and my order arrived well within the window provided. Def my new go to shop for everything edible!

Best Bulk Delta 8 THC Distillate w/ Terps - 100+ NEW Strains!
Stephen Burgess (South Carolina, United States)
Rainbow sherbet disty

taste of rainbow sherbet is more fruity/floral to me and very smooth hit #1 ghostvapors main attractionto me is the big discount codes 20-30% discount saves me enough to make this the best option for me beats all others iv seen. love your business thanks everyone at ghostvapors

Bulk 1G Empty Vape Cartridges - Easy to Fill
Kirkland Alliman (Florida, United States)
I am sooooo Glad i found you guys;)

As a medically disabled mechanic. I have to D.I.Y. all my vaping needs. So Naturally I tried you guys with some carts then some best distillate. Man these carts rock the flavor lasts for like 6 refills and still function. I haven't gotten a D.O.A. cart like some other brands. Thanks for your work at your store. You guys snagged a loyal customer now.

Best Wax OG Chillum One Hitter Pipe
GORDON BAGLEY (Massachusetts, United States)

I'm giving you 4 stars because 9 days shipping time!

Best 5G Delta 8 THC Distillate w/ Terps - 100+ NEW Strains!
Francisco Deleon (California, United States)

I was pleasantly surprised first purchase and initially was skeptical but it came rather fast. And it taste was spot on and the effects were great .

Best Slow Burn Zig-Zag Cones - 6 Pack
Maryam Monkey (Colorado, United States)

Best Slow Burn Zig-Zag Cones - 6 Pack

Thin mints

Was very tart has a nice hint of mint that comes after the exhale perfect terpene balance

Best 500MG Delta 8 THC Cereal Bar Treat - 5 Styles
Dalton S (Georgia, United States)
Ghost cereal bars

Perfect edible for the price best flavor great high only thing that beats this is nerd rope!!!very pleased

Delta 8 ghost cosmic brownie

This thing was a great choice for being able to sit around and carry a great buzz lasted between 4-6 hours flavor could be better wax isn’t masked but chocolate very potent in kush flavor

Best Delta 9 THC Ghost Candy Rope Edible - 2 Flavors
Dalton S (Georgia, United States)
Delta 9 thc ghost rope

This thing was bomb loved it and for the price would be a fool not to buy it again!!!