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Horrible taste

Definitely taste nothing like my hhc distillate. And harsh on the throat. Threw it out

yummy shatter

this is some high quality stuff tastes excellent and smokes really good with pleasant high

The best!

honestly they are amazing for the price and a great business!

Review Of The D8 Distillate

I had purchased the Lemon Head og for $15 it is 5 grams,
When vaping it the flavor isn't good they definitely use fruit\vegetable terps in the distillate. It smells like lemon pepper seasoning. The high is like a d9 high but its less and you can function more. I have tried putting the distillate in foods and its the way to use it you don't taste it and it kicks in about 1-2 hours later and last a few hours, it also depends on how much you take.

Hawaiian Haze Live Resin - Hello energy!

This Live Hawaiian Haze HHC Resin is really earthy and fruity. Gave me a a nice boost of energy and focus.

500MG Brownie

was really a great experience overall, customer service is great as far as I've experienced. as far as the product its what you're paying for it'll probably get you high depending on your tolerance

Loved it

Loved the products and the service!


Great flavors!

Great product

Excellent product and service!!

Delta 8 THC Blueberry Diesel Wax Dab - 1g Hybrid 93%

Death Star is fully operational….

I was very curious about this one and it did not disappoint. Earthy and potent snag some while you can!

Best Infused Ghost Candy Rope Edible - 500MG

Best Infused Ghost Candy Rope Edible - 500MG

Good stuff

I can’t smoke pot but I got it for my friend and he said it’s really good stuff. More potent than traditional delta 8 actually gets you high according to him.

Good strongest

The strongest I've tried of the d8

Excellent Product and Price

Recently ordered the Blue Razz flavor to help with sleep and anxiety and very satisfied. Already placed a second order.

Blueberry Lift Live Resin - Great HHC Dabs

These dabs are tasty and effective! Would buy again! I want more HHC wax from Ghost Vapors.

This is a great product for when I'm at work.

Honey Gold Delta 8 Distillate

Great product. Clean, smooth, puts you where you need to be without the brain fog. I slept like a rock as well.

Delta 8 Shatter

Great quality for the price. Taste was a little weird but I can’t complain for the price

Best Infused Delta 8 THC Peach Rings - 1000MG


Would love to get on a persaonal base with y'all to get some kind of personal deals I got the money

Crazy good

I really enjoy a cold start with this GDP Delta dabs. You get all the terps coming through loud and clear. Would buy again!

(Forgot to get pictures before I used it all up)


I'll be a repeat customer. Fast delivery, great products!