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Nerd Rope Edibles are a blast. And they taste good. This **** will get you there and further so read that wrapper before you throw it away. The gummies are a good maintenance pick me up.

Real patent powerful delta 8 distillate

Finally finally I have got the real distillate with real 90 something %! Just mixed up with flavor and ready to go! Good for this price and good quality! I really recommend!

Great product

Best deal by far

Great quality everytime and unbeatable price


Good quality effect was as expected nice big buds though the taste was a little off I thought. Otherwise satisfied as always here.

Ehh carts are deff a better choice

Was hoping this was a better option than vape.

1st time user!

Didn’t know what to expect, but about an hour after eating about 3/4 of the rope I was feeling relaxed and happy!
I’m not one who finishes my meals, especially when we go out. Well, we stopped at a steakhouse and I had my steak and fries AND a sticky bun for desert!!! (So if you don’t want to get the munchie’s beware!)
Enjoyed this a lot!!!

About my shipment

The product is superior to most other extracts we have come across . Our only problem is the way it was packaged left a huge corner of parchment paper to be imbedded into the shatter causing us to lose 8 grams of possible product ! I suggest you look into a better way to ship your wax then parchment paper as a hard case would have saved us a good portion of product for sales!

Great Product

These ropes are a great product. Great flavor and consistent results. Very potent!


This thing sure does pack a punch. A tiny little piece is all I need to send me to outer space. 10/10.

Decent wax

Decent wax over all nice high just a little but to sticky and sticks to your teeth but for the most part fire wax.

This is my favorite product

1 gram lasted me almost 2 weeks and the flavor and experience was on point. I’ll definitely be buying more soon.

Happy Dab Kit Mini
Judia Krakowski
Great kit for the price

It’s simple, small, discreet and easy to use. Definitely recommend for a travel kit for any level experience

My favorite flower from Ghost Vapors

This flower is awesome. It’s perfect with my morning coffee. I’ll definitely be buying this again.

Does the job

It’s a little harsh in terms of flavor but it certainly gets the job done.

I first got some Purple Punch and Pineapple Express at the Florida Cannabis Festival. Even my Husband was Impressed LOL!! I just purchased 100 grams of Distillate to cook with.
I have been a Medical Patient 20 years and I enjoy what Delta 8 does for me. My package came Super Fast and the Product Quality is Top Notch!

I love this product

I love this product and will be ordering more very soon

Good stuff

Great just like all other products offered here


Taste great

fantastic stuff

Very tasty and smooth, dabbed in a quartz banger, you really can savor the flavor! 10/10 would recommend, I am on my 2nd order of it now ^^

Great for pain relief or insomnia relief, either way this stuff has got ya covered !

Awesome stuff !

Very pleased first time buyer here , will order again !

Very berry

If you are looking for flavor this is it. Reminds me of a blueberry haze I used to get when I was younger. Good feelings from each hit.

Good dab

This is some good stuff. Nice and chill felling. Gives a nice throat hit with a unique taste that is pleasant.


I'm blown away by the consistent quality of these concentrates - Ghost Vapors' D8 concentrate is the first D8 I've tried that I feel could actually replace my regular ol' medical cannabis. I wish there were some options that tasted more like full spectrum cannabis, but that isn't really a complaint. These products represent some of the best value to consumers currently on the market.

Thanks Ghost Vapors!!!!