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Just right

Takes the edge off of this crazy world.

Sherbet Dab

This was my first purchase. The folks at G.V. has some quality & potency too there product. No pun intended but Highly recommend Ghost Vapors to anyone I come cross needing anxiety or pain relief. Ty for the gummies as well. Excellent experience from purchase to delivery. All necessary paperwork to law enforcement & shipping company


I was visiting Pennsylvania as an Arizona resident and didn’t bring my medical ID so only Ghost Vapors was able to accommodate my needs. Easily order online and drive thru pick only,with great quality to value ratio. So worth it!

Outstanding products and customer service

the quality of the products is matched only by the amazing customer service highly recommend this product and any others on the site will absolutely place another order with them.

Delta 8 THC Nerd Rope Edible - 5 Flavors - 500mg Nerds Rope


Great product ... do not need much ... relaxing and a good night sleep. WIN WIN!

I will let you know after I try it thank you for your service

Ropes and cart

I consistently get the ropes. They are great! I tried the cart and it became damaged. I’ll definitely love the ropes!

The best on the market

These check every box
- Strong, Lasting effect
- helps with sleep
- Especially helps for staying awake
The one caveat is the flavor, the key lime leaves a very bitter aftertaste, but don't let it dissuade you. Top tier edibles

Chocolate Bar

Great quality - one square about an hour before bedtime ... nighty night! Great customer service! Will definitely be back!

Nerd Ropes (Delta 8)

These are phenomenal and definitely worth the price! They taste great and are my new favorite edible. The staff is also extremely friendly and I'm happy with all of my purchases from here 🙂

Nerd Ropes

Absolutely LOVE these ropes!! They certainly do the trick after a long day 🙂 Great product and a fantastic company!

Nerd's Rope

The nerd's Rope is wonderful! Great value for your $$
I've been buying a bunch every few months for my boyfriend and I cause it's our go to edible.

Nerd Rope Edible 500mg Delta 8 THC - 4 Flavors - Candy Rope

I haven't tried it, waiting for the result

Smooth & consistent.

This is great. 1/2 dose let's you begin to feel effects and then you slowly enhance the overall experience.

beyound expectations. Good job

Awesome service and super good products

5 stars

Perfection, no complaints!

Nerd Rope Edible 500mg Delta 8 THC - 4 Flavors - Candy Rope

Love love love

Very wonderful customer service on top of amazing products!

Delicious and helpful

I felt that the gummies were helpful with my chronic back pain. I am always interested in edibles, I hope that making CBD full spectrum RSO syringe applicators is un the near future!

i haven’t received my order yet

GV products

Nerd Rope Edibles are a blast. And they taste good. This **** will get you there and further so read that wrapper before you throw it away. The gummies are a good maintenance pick me up.

Real patent powerful delta 8 distillate

Finally finally I have got the real distillate with real 90 something %! Just mixed up with flavor and ready to go! Good for this price and good quality! I really recommend!