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How many Cannabinoids are in Hemp? Synthetic cannabinoids?

How many cannabinoids are in hemp

How many Cannabinoids are in Hemp?    Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, and Cannabidiol, CBD are two of the most common cannabinoids found within cannabis, as they are classical cannabinoids. Hemp is grown however, to eliminate the presence of THC, while promoting over 113 cannabinoids within its complex plant material. At over 113 cannabinoids, the question remains: How […]

Indica VS Sativa Vs Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

Indica vs Sativa Vs Hybrid

Indica VS Sativa VS Hybrid: The Real Differences   Indica VS Sativa Vs Hybrid is a relatively new idea within cannabis, cannabis strains have certainly come a long way from “brown versus green”. Now-a-days, within the cannabis industry, in particular, the medical cannabis industry, it is possible to tailor your high to your preferences. This […]

Cannabis Derived Terpenes: What are they?

What are cannabis derived terpenes?

Terpenes are one of the most important aspects of the cannabis experience, as they help create the flavor profile of each and every cannabis strain. Cannabis derived terpenes have been getting a lot of press within the Delta 8 industry, as terpenes derived from cannabis tend to have a greater number of effects than botanical terpenes.

The Entourage Effect

What is the entourage effect?

What is the Entourage Effect? The Entourage Effect is a perfectly normal, and even desirable effect. Many cannabis and hemp enthusiasts look to achieve with cannabis products, to enjoy their fullest therapeutic benefits. The Entourage Effect is defined as a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds other than THC, work together to modulate the overall […]

Why are Third Party Lab Reports Important?

third party lab reports

Third party lab reports are becoming increasingly important within the Delta 8, and hemp industry in order to ensure product efficacy, and potency. Ensuring that products are tested is an important part of being an educated consumer, as well as maintaining safety while consuming federally legal hemp products.


Lab reports provide the cannabis industry, and hemp industry with results on their potency, as well as providing a rich cannabinoid profile in many cases. Delta 8 THC products within the industry have been the subject of great controversy and scrutiny.

3 Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flowers

Hemp Field

3 Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flowers In a world where prescription medications and heavy-duty supplements overwhelm us with their complicated ingredients and questionable side effects, natural alternatives like CBD flowers are more attractive than ever. With all the new hype around CBD, the question is, what are the health benefits of CBD Hemp Flowers? […]